Tamanu Organic Skin Care Set

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The Tamanu Organics Daily Skin Care System with Gentle Cleanser, Soothing Toner, Comforting Creme and Night Time Serum was designed for all skin types to gently cleanse, hydrate and replenish skin. Using the healing power of Tamanu Oil and other important botanical ingredients, Tavala has created a masterpiece that works exceptionally well to produce beautiful and healthy skin.
Our impact ingredient, Tamanu Oil, has been used traditionally as a local medicine, and is considered the African, Asian, Polynesian and Pacific Rim panacea. The sacred Tamanu trees are ancient and native to Vanuatu, where they grow abundantly along the beach shores. In fact, Tavala is the name of a village on the island of Vanuatu, where we source this incredible oil.  
The Tamanu nuts are harvested only twice a year after they have fallen to the earth. These nuts are left to cure naturally in the sun until they are collected and cold-pressed for their precious oil.
Science has shown that each drop of Tamanu Oil gently urges skin to rebuild and stimulates the growth of healthy, new skin tissue. This regenerative oil provides immediate relief to distressed skin and helps fight the body's inflammatory responses. Tamanu Oil can reduce the appearance of eczema, acne, and renew damaged skin. It moisturizes, nourishes, and repairs the skin.  
These miraculous benefits show why we've chosen to incorporate the exquisite Tamanu Oil into our formularies at Tavala.  The Tamanu Organics Daily Skin Care System is available in both Travel Kit and Daily Essentials Kit sizes.